It’s a bad news; 5 reasons to stay calm.

We love to hear a piece of good news.

You want to hear a good news that your long expected request has been approved and that your hard work has at last, yielded a positive result. You wouldn’t like to hear any bad news that’s for you (none of us would), except on the television, about some strange people in a distant land. Even at that, you may still find it repugnant and pathetic.

So, what if the bad news is for you?

It’s not easy to manage a piece of bad news with equanimity but it’s important because of health reasons, to remain calm. Staying calm through the first few minutes is crucial because this is the period your body is giving you every reason to become irrational and go mad.

So, what should you to do to calm the rising storm?

1. Remember that it has happened and it’s irreversible (the occurrence) but life must go on. For life to go on, a bad situation must be managed and an inconvenient condition mus be remedied,

2. Understand that no bad news can stop life from going on. Life will go on and you either take the lead or tag along. To rise up and take the lead, you must manage a piece of bad news effectively,

3. A bad news could be managed effectively by first, escaping the emotional cobweb of personalizing your misfortune. Everybody suffers a misfortune in a significant or insignificant proportion. Therefore, don’t wear yours as a name tag on your neck,

4. Try to think straight through the bad new. Keep all your wits about you. See the bad news as a tiny stain on your great life. The stain must be removed through a pragmatic approach that begins with straight thinking,

5. Finally, you must understand and accept the fact that bad news is part of the daily narrative about life and, one of these days, a bad news may be for you.

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