Research: Why you may not keep new year’s resolutions on exercise- A scientific clue.

Those New Year’s
resolutions are easy to list but difficult to
make a reality.
Exercise is a hardy
annual: This year I
really am going to the
gym every week.

Now science may have
found a reason why
most people are
unable to stick to
exercise for very long.
Researchers have
found physical
inactivity results from
altered dopamine
receptors in obese mice rather than excess body weight, according to a US study published
in the journal Cell
Metabolism. “We know that physical activity is linked to overall good
health, but not much is known about why
people or animals with obesity are less active,” says the study’s senior author Alexxai V. Kravitz.
“There’s a common
belief that obese
animals don’t move as
much because carrying extra body weight is physically disabling. But our findings suggest that
assumption doesn’t
explain the whole

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