What’s Your Budget?

What’s your budget? What’s your plan in your local currency? Everybody spends money; from earned or unearned income, on consumption. So, spending is a necessity and having money is necessary for survival. Therefore, have you drawn up your budget yet?

Your budget must capture;

1. Your sources of income,

2. Your expenditure plan for every quarter of the year (without controlling your spendings, you would spend out of control).

Your expenditure is a function of your income.

Now, it is the desire of almost everybody to keep growing and keep developing. To achieve prosperity (self-development and growth), you must have more and invest more in order to have more to spend more.

So, does your budget include more expenditure items? If yes, how are you going to fund those additional items? The latter is a very important question which your personal budget must answer. Investment is the answer.

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