7 Common Reasons You May Not Keep Your New Year Resolutions.

When people make new year resolutions, they really want to keep them. They usually believe that keeping them would be beneficial to them one way or the other but only very few usually keep resolutions made for a new year.

Why do many people fail to keep their new year resolutions? Below are seven common reasons you may fail to keep your new year resolutions.

1. When you view the process of making new year resolutions as a ritual rather than a process that extracts from you, a commitment to be different, you may not keep your new year resolutions,

2. When you don’t stop yourself from going to same places and keeping same friends that make you continue to indulge in a habit which you have identified as unproductiver then you may not keep your new year resolutions.

3. Don’t give yourself any reasons to indulge one last time before quitting. When you do, you may stay hooked.

4. Replace a dropped habit with another one that should add value to your efforts to achieve set goals. Never leave an ’empty space’ in your life or you may involuntarily fill it up with something unproductive,

5. Engage in the daily habit of effective inner dialogue. It strengthens your resolve to stay focused and committed. Remind yourself constantly of the benefits of sticking to the new way,

6. See your success at keeping your new year resolutions as a milestone on the journey to finding happiness and fulfilment in life. Celebrate at the end of every month, every resolution successfully kept. This should be done for at least twelve months or until the new way has become part of you,

7. Have the gut to say ‘No!’ and stand by it. Self-control is an important variable of self-development and without self-development, success is a mirage

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