7 Channels To A Happy Life.

The seven channels to a happy life,

are discovered by the one with an explorer’s lamp in the heart, they are;

1. The spirit of forgiveness. Forgiving readily and without prompting. A heart lacking in forgiveness is a heart in darkness,

2. The joy of thanksgiving. A heart full of thanksgiving is a heart in perpetual festivity. We all have enough to make us happy enough to cause a water fall of a blessing in abundance,

3. The calmness of peace. A heart at peace with itself is at peace with everybody and everything else. It’s a heart that knows that if you stay and focus, you could turn every negative picture into a positive situation,

4. Expect nothing outside reality except a pleasant surprise. A heart that sets its goals within the boundary of reality keeps depression out and maintains emotional stability,

5. Life is a continuum. The end of one project marks the beginning of another. You have a choice, at the end of one, to either begin another and ensure that the excitement continues or retire and begin to decline,

6. Trust is important to friendship but perfidy is a reality too. A good friendship sweetens the heart but the same sweetness could become a bitterness that ‘breaks’ the heart,

7. Life is one long party with occasional disruptions that create moments for necessary stock-taking and sober reflection.

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