Questions You Mustn’t Ask And Things You Mustn’t Do If You Must Build Your Marriage On Trust.

A long lasting marriage is built on trust. Where there is no trust, love is living on borrowed times. A union of two love birds would eventually collapse and one or both lovers would either have to move on with hope or get left behind with a broken heart.

So, since trust is the bedrock of every enduring marriage, how can someone who desires to enjoy the rewards of a happy long lasting marriage build trust? It is by refusing to ask some QUESTIONS and do some things.

What are those questions you shouldn’t ask, things you shouldn’t say and do?

  1. Don’t have secrets. Tell your partner everything about what you are doing or intend to do. Let your partner know about your fears and your hopes. Be transparent and be as opened as possible.
  2. Don’t say, ‘You are lying’, or ‘I don’t believe you‘. When you tell your partner that they are lying, you are indirectly telling them that you don’t trust them. When you do this on a consistent basis, you are making it difficult for your partner to tell you the truth about a lot if things. This is because, they would have had the impression that telling you anything is a waste of time, since you would never believe.

Don’t ask, ‘who was that?‘. Okay you should but when it becomes a habit, it becomes a problem. If your partner wants to tell you who they were with and where they were, they would volunteer the information without you asking. Asking, especially frequently and leaving no room for objectivity, would make them believe that you are trailing them out of suspicion. And suspicion breeds distrust.

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