The Greatest Achievement Is In Knowing Who You Are.

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The departure of anyone shouldn’t leave an emptiness in you, you have you, you have the love for your life and the strong desire to succeed to fill you up.

Life is a race but you must know when to slow down and walk, when to stop and rest and when or where to leave a ‘cul de sac’ track and search for a great track that will take you to your destination.

Don’t compete with anybody for anything, rather compete with yourself to push yourself to the best height possible. If you could achieve this in an area you love so much, you would be left with no competitor by the time you reach your goal,

When you are have set for yourself, the task of achieving something, which your friends and family believe it is near impossible to achieve or it is crazy, stick to the craziness of flying without wings. And when you make it after hard work, persistency and tenacity, you will find the same friends and family, coming to you to ask for your wings

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