A Course Where Play Is The Game That Pays.

Beg not for what you can afford, settle for no less when you can get the best, the world is for those who carve out their own course, a course where work is play and play is a game that pays.

There’s No Confidence In The Unknown.

You have greatness in you, at all times, choose to be ‘you’, being ‘you’ gives confidence and completeness, while trying to be like the next person is vague and only, presents pictures of shadow, no shadow is ever real, hey! don’t lean on a shadow. There’s no confidence in the unknown.

No Feather Is Hard Enough To Crack The Nut.

Great expectations? little work? No, they don’t match.With such a combination, depression is the reward, So, for every expectation, there must be an equal level of hard work, the fact is, no feather is hard enough to crack a nut.

May Your Dream Come Alive!

Whatever is never what satisfies. whatever is never what you truly desire, check it out and you will find out that, everybody is living for and hoping that their dreams will eventually come alive.

Let Your Choice Be, What You Really Want To Be.

In the depth of nothingness, comes the fullness of a satisfied gratefulness, often, from a little, a little beginning, perseverance has often birthed a value to believe in, which, whether gain or lose, the choice to be what you really strive hard to be, is yours and yours only.

Going Down To The Bottom May Be The Way Up.

Don’t hurt yourself by hating who are or where are or for being unable to be the brand or reach the star that you have learnt so hard and trained so hard to shoot and hope not to miss, but shoot you have and hit you have not, failing consistently to reach the position where…

The Best Way To Overcome Hurt And STILL RISE.

When someone hurts you, choose the sunshine and not the eclipse, See it as being temporary, Choose not to hate rather to understand that, Every human runs to to type, Are  we all not one of the same kind? Thinking about ourselves often and seldom about others, So, when someone hurts you, choose to live…

Things Are Not Always That Tough.

Things are not always as tough as they first look, they appear so, when you look at them from behind the cloak, of procrastination, laziness and fear, but if you would, without hesitation, put your… Source: Things Are Not Always That Tough.

Moments Of Anger Are Not Moments To Take Those Decisions.

When you are under the pressure to take a decision in a moment of anger, choose to go for a walk or get some sleep. The consequences of most decisions taken in moments of anger are pains, regrets and destruction.  Try as much as you can to avoid being responsible for the heartbreak, pains and…

To Have Your Way, You Must Be Heard.

Henry Ford: Today and Tomorrow. Quietly make the loudest noise, being voiceless shouldn’t deprived you of your voice, there are free and effective ways to get your voice heard, for you to have your way, you must be heard.