Those Who Persevere, Often Have A Happy Ending.

There is no better time to jump the sinking ship of a relationshp than at the first site and awareness of rejection and animosity. You don’t have to beg for love, true love comes on the platter of natural chemistry. You don’t have to pay for trust, if you did, it would go to the…

When Is It Over?

Streets, the hummingbird, side walk, kids playing, imagination, reality is unbelief, you wish, dreams could be believed, but you have to touch and hold, to believe that it’s secured and your own, do adults have to open their eyes to know where they are? sometimes, ‘Yes’ but most times, ‘No’, silence doesn’t signal, it’s over.

The Homeless Boxer.

Don’t let homelessness make you lose you dream, your essence, your own, continue to sweat to heat up the cold, hide your tears in the rain until th sky becomes your roof, sleeping without dreaming is like breathing without living, hold onto what you dare to believe in until your loneliness disappears with the dark…

You Are A Born Winner.

Ten, before that is nine, seen it all? it’s a life of unknown miles, nothing is guaranteed, living in a casinos of gambling, what you have or doesn’t have today, doesn’t begin or end, the stars are still ahead, never, never surrender, you are a born winner.

Listen.Speak And Gold.

Listen and listen carefully before you speak, be a good listener, what the speaker mean, may not be what you think, I know you really love the sound of your voice, and the bright colors it adds to your ego, but sometimes not speaking at all may write your name n gold.

Mt. Everest Or The Black Hole?

The level of effort you may put in to climb Mt. Everest, may just be the same you may need to dig a 20 foot deep hole. You may dig the hole successfully but you may never make the effort to climb Mt. Everest because : 1. of your inability to overcome the fear factor…

What We Need…Really.

I might have been you, but the environment and some conditions conspired against this, so, I am who I am and you are who you are, still stuck with the things that make you happy and make me sad, and you are still wishing you were me when I am having a good time, but…

A Good Team And A Great Party.

As the crow flies, and as the raven may never lie, fscts are facts, wear and tear, the product of weather and time, no matter your hustle, you need a team for support and for cover, and for strength where you are weak, and for a great party, when the team succeeds.

Don’t Quit Until You Have Seen The Last.

Though, sometimes the pressure of life could still get to you, regardless of your philosophy, inspiration and experience, you must still find ‘The hope of a better future’, an inner strength, to carry you over rough edges and slippery surfaces. Note this: when you fall on hard times, it is not every friend you should…

The Ocean Of Contentment.

The summation of simple tasks, done passionately and consistently, will be like tiny countless droplet of water, which painfully slowly but slowly, consistently flowing, will eventually become an ocean that contains, everything the mind seeks for contentment.

A Pace, A Step.

A pace, a step, the only way, is ahead, nothing to be left behind, cosy, acidic, the past, you must completely forget, and the reason is justified, because everything must be applied, for the yield: success