Give, Give And Give

When you begin to see this life as a calling, a calling to add value to humanity, your eyes would be opened to the blessings, of choosing to give, give and give.

Put Your Hero In Rough Places And On Sharp Edges.

If you could just start today, then tomorrow would take care of itself, there is luck but you must be at the right place at the right time, without you being right about place and time, then forget about time and chance, look inside of you and wake up the hero in you, put it…

Blessings And Pains.

It hardly rains when the moon is out, blessings and pains, a combination that’s bad, the consequence of happiness, shouldn’t be sadness, let everyday speak for itself, but always do your best and leave the rest.

Take Responsibility!

Blaming every failed attempt to get to the next level, on everybody and everything but yourself, is postponing your success and destroying the chance to uncover your best, so, learn to take responsibility for everything you do or fail to do, and begin the hard wotk of constructing the best road to reach your set…

Everybody Doesn’t Hate You.

Some folks are failures because nobody knows their strength or their problems, they don’t ask questions, they don’t volunteer answers, even when they are the best, they are the worst team players, they are always afraid that someone would say the wrong thing and hurt them, they always believe that everyone is against them, no…

Let The World Have Their Say While You Have Your Way.

Answer those who are looking down on you, by looking up and walking tall, to those who have written you off, use a pen with a steel tip to engave your name on the rock, when,those on ground wouldn’t give you a chance, spread your wings and make a better road in the sky, when…

The Foundation Is Always The Deepest.

Out of a multiple of little failures, the great one makes greatness out of just one success, and that one success, often comes from never giving up, never giving up on what you know is your foundation; the foundation is always the deepest.

News Roundup.

Bad news will always break, a piece may give you a rough shake, when that happens, hold firm, don’t break down, news roundup is incomplete without a piece of good news to give it the balance.

Life Is A Good Feeling.

The tea cup is so hot, the hiccups still disturb, the speech is still stuck, what you are seeing still bores you to the point that you believe that life is absolutely nothing but a motion cast in steel, but life is an interesting experience for those who see happiness as an unconditional and a…

Peace For All.

Owe nobody nothing, except space for all to live and co-exist, hold nothing in your mind against nobody, except love, peace and a generous heart for everybody, because in a world where everybody minds their business, nobody would be left to obstruct another’s progress.

The Road Never Ends.

Wake up, it’s morning, dusk doesn’t stop dawn from being back again, crawl, walk, don’t stop running, at some point, you must slow down, take stock, then continue, the road never ends.