The Pinch In Your Shoe.

No matter how painful, the pinch in your shoe is, nobody will notice, as long as you keep running the race and don’t quit.

Work The Land, The Rainbow Is Out.

The arc across the sky, the rainbow is out, we can now go out and work The land, the earth is generous, bountiful is it’s reward, for the brain that’s willing to think and the hands that are ready to work.

The Pains Are The Road Map To A Good.Life.

The moon is out of reach, deep your feet in the sand on the beach, put your hand in mine and let me lead you, to where you and I desire but wben I am wrong, don’t hesitate, be bold, carry the big stick and get me into line, for the discomfort will temporarily, but…

I remember everything but forgive anyway. Erica Jong

An unforgiving heart, is a depressed heart. It’s a heart weighed down by an unnecessary burden, and nothing wastes the precious gift of life, like carrying a suffocating heap of rubbish that belongs in a trash bin.

The Magic Of Appreciation .

A word of appreciation brings out the best in others, it brings out the best that’s for your good first before the good of others, so now you can see that it makes a lot of common sense, to speak just a word of appreciation and move mountains.

That Gentle Voice…

There is a voice speaking to you right now, a gentle voice that is persistent in reminding you that tomorrow would be better, if you would just take one bold step at a time, and trust in God all the time.

No Identity, No Attention!

Staying in the shadow, no identity, it’s just a silhouette, no identity, no recognition, if you are not outstanding, you don’t have the attention.

Abandoned In A Lonely Cemetery ? Then It’s Over.

Many times, recently, you have failed several times at getting those things you want so much. Now, you would be excused if you have concluded that everybody and everything are against you and the things you love, hello! Hold on a second and listen to this: The race of life is over when one is…

Throw Doubts Overboard And Save The Ship Of Progress From Sinking.

Look around you briefly, then close your eyes for a moment, shut out all activities and those beautiful faces, walk around the wonderland of your inner being, get to discover the truth about who you are and who you will always be, those wishes are not just dreams, they are memories, memories from the future…

The Triump Of A Determined Heart.

The tyranny of circumstances, can’t imprison permanently, a heart that is willing, and determined to rise above the tempest of temporary rejections, and sail to the land of perseverance, where expectations, are crowned by success, a success thst is permanent.