The Conviction To Quit An Addiction.

It’s a mountain, from there, you fly to heaven, it’s usually a brief experience, after, you are crestfallen, again, another expensive trip to the mountain top, a trip that drains you, a trip you can ill afford, but there is a way out and the way out is to quit now.

Peyton Manning- I’m The Best Manning.

You are the best version of you and so I am, accept who you are, because that’s who you will be till the end of life, write your name in the clouds of the sky, where the whole world can behold, and will always behold, whenever the rainbow appears with the message of hope. ***…

How To Become A Great Communicator.

How can you speak and be heard and, what is heard and understood is exactly what was said? How do you listen with your ears and, ‘see’ the spoken words with your eyes? You need gut to be a good speaker and a good listener, you must still distractions and focus on the task at…

I’m Not Scared To Shoot It- Lamar Odom.

Is it burning you inside? Shoot it let the world feel the fire, stop suppressing it, shoot it and miss it, every throw doesn’t have to be a hit, you need just one hit to make the world sit up and take note, so, don’t be scared to miss, take aim now and shoot., ***…

What Can You Do?

What can you do? This, you must know if you must achieve your goals. watch success story and get inspired, @: