Who Is Afraid Of Fear?

Why should I be afraid of what I don’t know? And why should it keep me tethered and on hold? Why don’t I let go of all inhibitions and experience something new? Something that could give to me, a memorable experience, an experience that will completely free me, from impotent fears. *** Happy 2016, Asia!

For Honor.

Standing face to face with reality, sight and smell of death everywhere, the odds are weighed heavily in favor of the enemy, retreat is not an option, you have to fight on, walk on thorns, that litter the valley, the valley that has no respect for the fearless, and for most, it’s has been their…

Don’t Close The Door.

Some don’t search at all but love finds them, some search endlessly for love but it keeps on eluding them, some who have been unsuccessful, have given up, leaving others to keep on searching, keep on believing, leaving the door wide opened for love. *** From The Book- THE SEARCH FOR SELF.

Real happiness Knows No Boundaries.

The search for money, should be preceded by the need to stay happy and healthy, most are often under the illusion that the more money they make, the happier they get and the merrier life gets, but from experience, this is not the reality, so don’t tie your happiness to any condition, condition your mind,…

Get Money! Get Answers!!

Money talks, then the world go round, work, then make the money and get talked about in town, do you have money to spend easily? Then you sure going to get things done quickly, but money is really hard to come by, so don’t sit around and fantasize, get money, get answers, live life, the…

The Middle Ground May Sometimes Be Justified.

At any given time, the world is divided into two extremes, most belong to either, leaving very few in the middle, well, it pays to take a stand and defend your position as much as you can, but when and where it creates conflict that may harm another, stand on the middle ground.

It’s Difficult But Not Impossible.

It takes time, patience and sacrifice to build an empire, creating what wasn’t there before is like walking through the fire, when you make it through, the world will be there to, praise you and celebrate you. And for giving the science of living, a better meaning, you will be given a special place in…

Don’t File Those Papers Yet.

Are you tired of reconciling and settling differences? Love has died, nothing is left excpet hollow memories, so, you wish to be separated, do you want to go back to living alone? you are no longer interested in the warmth and the comfort of togetherness, remember that out there all alone, it’s very cold, but…

Things Are Not Always That Tough.

Things are not always as tough as they first look, they appear so, when you look at them from behind the cloak, of procrastination, laziness and fear, but if you would, without hesitation, put your hands to it, you would be surprised at how much you would achieve.

You Are A Treasure.

Every morning, stand in front of the mirror, tell yourself beautiful things, because you are a treasure and you are precious, let happiness flow up from your bone marrow and spill all over you, give the world no reason to suspect, that to you, life is unfair.

Be Magnanimous In Victory.

Don’t give up when others give up on you, don’t go back when others turn their back on you, don’t be frustrated when others are disappointed that you didn’t make it, keep going when others stop believing that you can make it, just make sure that you make it to your destination, and when you…