This Is For Real Humans.


Two people come together,
they agree to share the same shelter,
yesterday, before the coming together, they never knew one another,
but today, they believe they can’t live apart, from one another,
because they have seen, that it’s sweeter together,
and so they hope they can live forever, in this bliss they have created together, they intend to fight together to keep out any intruder.
Then suddenly, the center can not hold any longer, it seems, the sweet fever may not last forever,
take a look, look closer, so you now think you have been living with a total stranger,
you had believed this was your perfect life partner. Perfection? You might have been reading the wrong chapter,
take another look at yourself, you are, the world’s worst pretender,
you expected what you could not give to your lover,
wake up! Wake up from your slumber,
wake up dreamer, real romance is sometimes sweet and sometimes bitter,
the weather could be fairer, this could be better, if you stopped seeing your partner as a super lover,
marriage is for grown-ups who have accepted to live together, no matter the weather.

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