Rejection Is Not The End Of The Story.


The world is a combination of beauty and ugliness,
when it gifts you it’s beauty, you don’t want the party to end,
you wish that your life will remain on that beautiful lane,
it’s a natural wish, and it’s unlikely, that a human being who is sane,
will choose the worst and shun the best.
So, when friends leave you and move on,
they believe, they are moving on to the best and you are certainly not the one,
when you are rejected by employers,
it means you are not good enough, they have found someone better,
when you have a business idea that is not enjoying the desired attention,
go back to the drawing board, re-do your home work, don’t wallow in frustration.
Sometimes, it may not be that you are not good enough,
it might be, you need to be a little bit patient, your time will come.
Whatever it is, rejection is not the end of the story,
when you are rejected, get the message; don’t stop working, keep on improving.

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