It Is Hard To Define True Love.

When I took your love for granted,
it was hate that I chose and accepted.
I did it out of ignorance,,
tnanks for your endurance,
you lived with my excesses for years,
you accepted my imperfections in tears,
tears for my sake, I was lost, I didn’t know where I was going,
you kept on searching with your love as my protective clothing,
from stormy weather and extreme cold,
which I had ignorantly exposed myself to.
I am glad you found me when you did,
I was close to death but you didn’t give up on me.
You rescued me and gave me shelter in your heart,
in your heart, I am protected from the adversities of life.
Why did you rescue me? please give me the reason,
you saved a misfit, someone whose life didn’t have a meaning,
you saved a loafer from self destruction,
I rejected what was right and chose meaningless isolation,
an isolation from love and compassion,
an isolation from your affection and passion,
I guess I will never know why,
but one thing I know is, from the start, you were always right.

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