Believers Are Winners.

Winners are believers. They believe in a course. They believe in the pursuit of a course. They believe absolutely in it even when it seems as if it does not make sense to do so. They do not give up on what they believe in, even in the face of intimidating challenges and opposition. They…

How To Know True Love: Test Of True Love.

If you must test love, then by all means, test it. It is worth it. You have only one heart and this one heart must be protected against all possible pains, aches and disappointments. Remember, your heart is fragile, it could be broken easily. Test love because many would claim to love you when they…

The Super Woman

To that super woman out there:- 1. You work so hard, you can not afford to take your eyes off it because you expect no sympathies and no favours. It is either you shape in or you shape out. Do not stop, keep it up, you are a super woman, 2. You come home from…

4 Steps To Living Right And Living Well

Live right and live well. To live right and to live well means you must;- 1. Dream big dreams, 2. Live everyday for those dreams and pursue them relentlessly, 3. Overcome today’s frustrations with expectations of a better tomorrow, 4. Never give up no matter what.

Confidence Is The Quality Of True Winners.

Be confident in yourself, be confident in your abilities before you expect others to trust your competence and capacity to take care of their businesses. Do not be found lacking in self-confidence because it will place you on a shifting ground of instability and inconsistency (and these are not the qualities of winners). (

Who Is A Real Influencer?

If you truly want to influence others for the selfless reason of helping them, then your personal satisfaction has to be deleted for their own satisfaction to be achieved. The two (yours and theirs) can not exist side by side, one must go for the other to be maximized.

Stop Hating, Start Loving, Start Living.

When you see the person you hate so much you start feeling dizzy, the environment begins to spin, you feel drained of blood and you start gasping for breath. Now tell me, ‘Is this healthy?’, you will agree with me that it is not. On the other hand, when you see someone you love so…

Life Is Beautiful

Do not allow any condition, any circumstance make you feel so helpless to the point that you begin to contemplate to take your life. There is always a way when you believe. Life is so beautiful.

Test It With Fire Before You Decide

Do not be in any hurry to take any decision. Because the consequence could either be good or bad. If it is good, then you are home and dry but if it is bad, it could be the beginning of a lifetime of failure. So, to have a win-win situation, put every option in the…

Be Real

Be real. You are liberated from most suffocating concerns of life when you live a life devoid of pretences. People either like you or hate you for being you. And when you are living truthfully to who you are, you create an atmosphere where possibilities exist for you to reach your full potentials. Be real.