Great Things Great Leaders Do.

The greatness of a leader is determined by the gratefulness of his equally great followers

A leader whether born or made must always strive for greatness. Greatness in this case, is as described and understood by his followers and not the one he selfishly arrogates to himself. Followers, while trying to determine the greatness or otherwise of their leader are always guided by certain constant factors. Note that it is only natural for you to desire a leadership that will empathize with you and be proactive while filling most of your needs. So, the leadership need of everybody is that which evokes greatness and freewill loyalty. You can now see that for a leader to enjoy that cult like followership, there are well defined conditions, he must meet.

If you desire greatness as a leader, you must first understand and appreciate the limit of your strength and knowledge. You can not give what you do not have. The promises you make to your followers must fall within your capacity to meet them. Never make any promise that is not in your capability to honour.

A great leader must be one who is able to overcome his emotional conflict. He must not allow his emotions to obfuscate his accurate sense of judgement. He must be removed from his personal problems in order to successfully solve the problems oi his followers.

To be a great leader, you must be a patient listener. Do not be in a hurry to pre-empt and conclude when the person talking to you has not ended his speech. Remember, individuals’ problems are not the same. And since you are not a mind reader, it makes sense to allow the other person tell you what he has in mind, so that you know where the shoe pinches his foot.

A great leader gives hope to the hopeless in a hopeless situation. He is optimistic when others are pessimistic. He sees the light at the end of the tunnel and give others still groping about in the dark the hope to keep on moving forward. He never says never. A great leader still pursues a course he believes in, no matter the criticism. He knows that the end justifies the means.

A great leader is a complete servant leader, he is there to serve his people. He is there at the convenience of his people. He is there, because he knows that the only legacy a leader can live behind, is a legacy of truth and sincerity.

Ayi Etim,

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