If You Succeed At This, You Will Succeed At Anything!

Success is a beautiful feeling that comes after an activity produces an expected result. It is a beautiful feeling everybody desires but nnly very few enjoy it. Success comes at a price that anybody including you, can pay. The currency is available to everybody. All you need to do to get it, is to succeed at filtering what you listen to, what you see, what you speak and what you learn.

The activity that could produce success could be easily thwarted by what you listen to. What you listen to is not what you hear. What you listen to is what you hear and decide to make a conscious effort to pay attentiion to it, interpret it and store it in your memory for immediate or future use. So, you can hear something without being distracted because you have chosen to ignore it. You have chosen not to listen to it. What you listen to affects your thought process. Once it enters your thought, there must be a result of either an action or an inaction. This could be determined by your mood. So, be very selective and conscious of what you listen to. Your success in life may depend on it.

What you see is a big decider of success or failure. You may choose to see wealth generating opportunities in an environment where others are complaining of high unemployment rate. The opportunities to create a thing of value or a brand for yourself are always available in every society but they are only visible to the eyes that have ‘chosen’ to see them. Know this, you only see what your mind interprets and shows to you. So, if you cultivate an analytical mind to assess everything the eyes see, it will be a matter of time before you spot in your environment, opportunities for greatness.

What you speak has the capacity to either attract people to you or drive people away from you. People will never know what you have in your mind until you voice it out. If it is in their best interest, they will stay with you but if it is something that hurts or will hurt them, they will avoid you. Marketing gurus and other social influencers are great speakers who know what to say, when to say it and to whom. You know this fact; when you take care of others, others will take care of you.

Success is built on a great foundation. The foundation for success is learning. We pay for skills or higher skills that we do not have. These skills were learnt regardless of the talent of the owner. After all, a great talent without hard work stands no chance against hard work with little talent. So, you must continue to learn new things and explore new ways of improving already learnt skills. People go for what is trendy, so if you move with the trend, you will always be in high demand. You can only move with the trend through the process of continous learning.

Let us conclude this interaction with a question. Do you thing being conscious of these few things is too great a price to pay for success? Let me know what you think. Thanks.

Ayi Etim

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  1. Effy job says:

    Its always there, the good things can be seen by those who alert.


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