Boxes And Where Heaven Is.

Have you opened your boxes yet? Do you have a unique present in any of them? Something you have never been presented with before? And which you may never be gifted again. I just finished opening mine. Out of one, leapt out this present. A piece of paper. On it are written the following words.

‘Hello Uncle, how are you? Please I have a question for you. Yesterday, december 25th was one of the most exciting days of my life. Many visitors came to our home, I had so much to eat and mummy allowed to drink my favorite fruit juice. In between, I enjoyed some ice cream and lollypops. It was the same story at Esther’s home (Esther is my best friend). I asked mother what was the reason for the excitement. She said people of the world were celebrating the birth of a great man who came down to the earth from heaven. She said the man came and died for the sins of people of this world. She concluded that the man is no longer on earth, that he went back several years ago to be with God, his father, in heaven. She didn’t tell me where heaven is. Now Uncle, do you know where heaven is? I have a birthday present for this great man.
-Your little Niece,

Mary is six years. Who knows where heaven is?

Ayi Etim

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