How Do You Speak?

Words are powerful. Wordsmiths understand the power of words and they exploit it effectively. If you must use words powerfully, it must originate from your mind and not from your mouth. Words that originate from your mouth lack depth and the power of conviction. If you speak without thinking, then you are not being convincing. The main essence of voicing our opinion or views is to get our listeners to accept and support our position in word or in deed. So, learn to speak with your mind, with your mouth as the medium through which words go out to your listeners.

To speak with your mind, you must be a reflective speaker who thinks first then chooses his words carefully. Pick words to suit the moment, the atmosphere and your listener. The personality of your listener should determine your choice of words, the tone of your voice and your ‘body language’. Most of the times when you speak, it is not to talk to yourself but to someone, so always consider the destination, your listener.

To speak with your mind, you must listen first and understand perfectly what you have listened to. It is only then you will be able to respond appropriately with words that have the power to convince your listener. Do not assume that you know where a speaker’s speech is headed untill he is through with his speech. Most of us are impatient listeners. An impatient listener is never a good speaker. This is because he is not certain of what to respond to as he fails to listen to the end of the speech before responding. Most of the times that he patiently listens to the end, he does not understand his speaker’s position because he does not listen with his mind but with his ears. At any rate, his response will always lack the power of conviction.

It is very important for anybody that desires to influence anything, to know how to use words powerfully. Life, from time to time, puts all of us in the position of an influencer. For instance, you need to convince an employer for a job, a child needs to convince his parents to meet a desire, you must convince a client to do business with you, you need to convince someone to love you, the list goes on and on. So, speak powerful words from your mind and get your listeners to embrace your position at all times.

Please let us here from you.

Ayi Etim



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