What Do You #Care About?

Most #care about things that are here today and are gone tomorrow. They care more about the abundance in the shadow and careless about the wealth in the substance. They care about nothing while deluding themselves to care about much because there is nothing of value in the much they are pursuing. (www.twitter.com/Ayietim1).

Most people care about their cars and careless about any other thing. They change cars at the drop of the hat. They sacrifice every other thing including meeting the needs of loved ones to get the latest model of their favorite car. As far as they can get it every other thing can wait.

For most, it is about fancy clothes, the latest fashion, the latest trend in fashion. It is not bad. It is only bad when it is elevated to the status of a weekly or monthly ritual that is occassioned by extravagant spending. They channel funds which could have been better invested in profitable and more rewarding ventures, into getting the latest clothes and other fashion accessories. Clothes that soon go out of vogue. Stuff that will never add real value to them in the long run.

For some, it is about their residential houses that can not be commercialized. They spend a fortune to build or buy mansions and spend outrageous sum of money to furnish them, only to live in them for a short while and be gone for eternity. Living in comfort is great. It should be encouraged because we run around to make money and to use it mostly to give ourselves comfort and spend a little to upgrade the economic status of others (it’s optional). Spending to give ourselves a comfortable accomodation becomes a care for nothing when so much is spent to shut in ourselves from stark reality of life most are passing through. (https://ayietim.wordpress.com).

We should care more about the things that make more people happy. We should use our money, our talent and our network to care for those who are down the rung of life. We should care about those things that will outlive us. We should care about doing those things that touch lives and which will create an environment for us to live forever. We should care about the next person standing or sitting next to you right now. Care about me, I will care about the next person, the next person will care about some other person and that some other person could be you.

Ayi Etim,




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